Mar 1 2020

Vision testing equipment / Video

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Vision testing equipment


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We can help you find the right solutions for your vision screening program.

Vision Screening Products

Many health conditions are easier to treat successfully when they are detected at an early stage. With the right vision screening products, you can detect issues with vision before the condition worsens. Our affordable vision screening tools are manufactured by leading names in the industry to meet your care standards so you can screen for vision issues before added strain and damage occur.

We offer a wide selection of vision screening needs for a range of patient ages. From vision screening devices and flip charts in various specifications to software programs, find everything you need to properly care for the vision of your students. Choose from devices and charts designed to test color vision, distance vision, and overall clarity. We have a range of devices to choose from such as wireless, handheld vision testers perfect for mass testing, larger models with multiple slides included to test the entire scope of vision more in-depth, and more. With options available for children as young as preschool age up to adult, you can treat a scope of patients with the ease and affordability these high-quality products offer. While reading charts are still the basic form of screening for vision health, technology adds a fun element for the patient and can improve accuracy. We offer software and apps that make it easier to test for including visual acuity, depth perception, and stereo vision by keeping the process exciting with state of the art imagery without sacrificing on testing standards. These products are scientifically proven in their accuracy as well as HIPAA-compliant in their data collection. In addition to the devices, charts, and software, we also have several options for state-specific screening products for states with certain requirements. We also offer vision accessories such as glasses, occluders, and even stickers for younger patients. No matter what you need, we have you covered with these affordable and high-quality products from trusted brands.

At School Health, we have spent the last 60 years committed to providing affordable health care solutions for schools, child development centers, and more. If you have any questions or need assistance while shopping with us, our friendly team is available to assist you in any way.

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Vision testing equipment / Video REMMONT.COM

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