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Philadelphia insurance company


Philadelphia Insurance Companies Review

By Eric Stauffer on June 23, 2018 9

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About Philadelphia Insurance Companies

The beginnings of PHLY can be found in an insurance agency formed by James J. Maguire, Sr. in 1962. After landing a contract with Chevrolet, the company spent the 70s expanding operations into other states. Maguire formed a holding company in 1980, under which he then opened Philadelphia Insurance Companies in 1987.

Two of the main niche markets they served – both early on and today – are sports and fitness clubs and non-profit organizations. They write mainly commercial package policies for these and other specialty markets.

Currently, the only personal lines product available from PHLY is Antique/Collector Car insurance, although they do write flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

PHLY maintains headquarters in its original city, but the company has offices in 50 locations across the country. They operate today as part of Tokio Marine Group, a large international insurance group.

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PHLY Products

PHLY offers a wide variety of commercial package policies for specialty markets, as well as specialty liability and a handful of other products.

PHLY’s writes commercial package policies for many different specialty markets. These include:

Each package policy can be customized with endorsements and products that include commercial auto and specialized liability.

There is a selection of other products listed on the PHLY website, including Antique and Collector Car coverage – which is available both as a personal policy and as a commercial policy. These products are written in partnership with Grundy, a specialty insurer that writes mainly classic car coverage.

As mentioned, PHLY also writes flood insurance, both for personal needs and commercial.

Also listed on the site is group participant accident insurance. This can be purchased for things like sporting events, camps, volunteer events, and more.

Due to the nature of this company’s business, they do not offer on their website, nor is there an online quoting option. This does make sense, as commercial insurance is complex and a large number of factors can figure into the final rate, therefore, making a general rate chart or online quote’s accuracy minimal.

Claims can be reported with an online form that is offered for several different lines of business. There is also an email address through which claims can be submitted.

Toll-free numbers are available, with one for during business hours and another for use after hours. This “catastrophe call center” is available 24/7, so technically you could call it even during business hours in an emergency.

A mailing address for claims is also listed on the site.

Auto glass claims are handled by HSG, a Philadelphia-based auto glass repair service. There is a different toll-free number that should be used for this type of claim.

Ratings and Consumer Reviews

Philadelphia Insurance Companies has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with a total of 16 complaints on file in the past three years. Eight of those were closed in the past twelve months.

There are seven reviews on Yelp, and of these, the only positive review appears to be from a professional reviewer and not a true client of the company. The remainder of the reviews are one-star and focus on poor customer service and claims handling.

There is not much in the way of reviews out there on this company, which is not unusual for a company that focuses on niche products.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for specialty commercial insurance products, PHLY might be worth a deeper look. Although there are some complaints out there, we did not find enough to raise a red flag over. Due to the general lack of information available on the company, we are we able to provide a solid recommendation based on the limited information we were able to obtain.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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Review Information

About Eric Stauffer

I am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.

Reader Interactions

Marty Jennings says

No don’t do it. Go somewhere else, they are worsted insurance company out there.

Charlene Perrone says

We’ve been a liability client of Philadelphia for 8 years, never missed a payment, never made a claim until this year when a client filed a fraudulent lawsuit against us. The lawyers handling the suit are doing a good job of fighting the suit, but in the meantime, Philadelphia has cancelled us…for one lawsuit filed by an aggrieved client, for which we provably had no blame or responsibility. The company would not even give us an extension to find affordable liability insurance. Our agent says this has happened a few times, which leads me to believe that Philadelphia has no intention of standing behind its loyal policyholders in the event of a claim or problem. That should definitely be a factor when deciding whether this is a company with which you want to do business.

I was sideswiped by one of Philadelphia’s commercial insured’s and even with evidence the accident was on their insured, they completely ignored the claim. I even mailed DVD’s of the police body and dash cams overnight to the adjuster and his supervisor, it seemed they didn’t accept the packages from what UPS has told me and returned them to the sender. I did the homework for these guys and they still denied the claim. So facts and evidence are pushed to the side in order to not take liability for their customers. If this is how a small claim is handled, I couldn’t imagine being a customer with a larger claim.

I’m looking at jumping ship on my existing health insurance company and thinking about signing up with Philadelphia American Health Insurance. Is it a good health insurance company in regards to benefits and claims?
What types of consumer reviews are they getting?

Jamie Holloway says

How good is Philadelphia health Insurance?

Kevin Linkenhoker says

Worst insurance company I have delt with. Philadelphia Insurance company insures Spinx Convenience stores in South Carolina. I own a business in the State as well. I purchased gas at the Spinx in [Redacted] in May for our motor home. We spent 75.00. We had just drove an hour from our house to Landrum and our motor home drove great. It was out 1st out of town trip. We were headed to Cowpen battlefield in Chesney. After we gased up at Spinx…..It was all down hill from Spinx. The motor home started sputtering cutting off. It was a scary horrible experience and the most expensive repair I have ever had ALL BECAUSE SPINX HAS GAS WITH WATER IN IT. We were locked in a National park with a park ranger mot happy he had to stay late because of our camper breaking down. Spinx has refused to compensate us for all the damage their gasdid to our Motor home. A bill for 900.00 and a bill for 1,997.00 bill as well. The people a Spinx [Redacted] is professional and courteous. His insurance company on the other hand not so much. I even have the proof that the gas had water in it. The mechanic saved me a sample for Spinx. It had like 5 or 10% water in the gas. [Redacted] AT PHILADELPHIA INS. Said my claim was denied because no one else complained….really. most people would have just thought it was just there car…. NO ITS SPINX GAS. I WILL NEVER PUT MY PROPERTY IN JEOPARDY OF BEING DESTROYED BY THEIR GAS EVER AGAIN.

jesse covington says

is Philadelphia ins. a good life ins. company Mr. Eric. Yhanks for the help Mr. Covington

Eric Stauffer says

I believe that Philadelphia Insurance Co. is a good company. I am personally impressed with the way their founder built the company, and I recommend looking at them for anyone that is considering insurance that they specialize in.

Eric Stauffer

Angela Fuller says

No. They don’t pay claims and they are very rude and unprofessional to deal with. I have personally dealt with them. Don’t walk, run!

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