Mar 1 2020

American family insurance adjusters & Video

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American family insurance adjusters


American Family Insurance – Auto

American Family Insurance (AmFam) sells auto, homeowners and other property insurance. AmFam doesn’t participate in the InsuraMatch program, which powers the *ConsumerAffairs insurance program. You can get quotes from all their partners with one simple call to InsuraMatch.


American Family Insurance is a mid-level insurance company for those looking to bundle home and auto or get comprehensive coverage for less than some of the major brands. Many customers report years of good customer service.


  • Local, personalized service available
  • Offers annual, semi-annual or monthly payment options
  • Can pay in person or online
  • Friendly customer service available over the phone


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328 American Family Insurance – Auto Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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AJ the adjuster for Omaha, NE area, doesn’t return phone calls, doesn’t know how to write a vehicle or what damage is. AJ prefers to call my wife liar and put the blame on her even with a police report stating otherwise. The accident may have cost American Family $300-400. He rather lose us as customers and blame my wife for the accident. The person who ran into her while changing lanes, provided info and then left. My wife stayed there got a police report in our favor, but no since the other car was a “American Family customer also” I guess we just take it in the **. My wife has photos showing the damage. Does it matter, no. It’s true what you read about AF not paying out, and such a small amount compared to what I paid in for a year, STAY AWAY FROM AJ AND AMERICAN FAMILY, oh my my agent was worthless. (Ken **, 122nd blondo), “JUST GET AHOLD AJ. He’ll take care of you”. Thanks Ken.

We HAD AMFAM for home & auto ins. We had hail damage on our home, their COMPANY ADJUSTOR found NO damage on our home. My agent recommended a re-inspection (anyone can have this done and I highly recommend doing so). The independent adjustor found $13,500.00 in hail damage AFTER the in house COMPANY ADJUSTOR found NO DAMAGE. how can this happen. My wife had an accident is her vehicle, AMFAM used rusty junkyard parts for the repair on our vehicle!! The adjustor simply said, “Did you read your contract? On page 24 subparagraph D it says we use used parts for repairs. “

We switched to Erie Insurance, saved 40% over AMFAM, Erie has diminishing deductible, they use NEW factory parts for repairs, in 3 years we have had NO rate increases with ERIE, every six months we had increases with AMFAM for crappy coverage. AMFAM flies around the USA in their expensive Gulfstream jet raising premiums for crap coverage. Shame on you Jack & AMFAM. Shame on you! What comes around goes around.

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I have been an American Family Insurance customer since 2001 and Unfortunately, I had 2 claims recently 4/2018 and 1/2019. Both were water damage claims. The adjuster Deandre was very prompt and professional. Both of my claims were handled quickly and smoothly. I was very pleased also with the professionalism of the claims department 800 customer service. American Family paid both of my claims without any issues. The first one was on the smaller side this last claim was close to $3000.00. I have not received my homeowner’s insurance renewal yet and hope I can remain a customer of theirs. Unfortunately, there are things beyond the homeowner’s control especially when they happen unexpectedly. Luckily I was home when both incidents occurred and that helped to mitigate damage to our home.

Played phone tag with claims adjustor Taryn ** several times. Called her back, more than she called me, left many messages. She returned calls at the end of the day when she was leaving office. Then sent a letter in the mail stating she had closed her investigation, finding me (not insured by AmFam) at fault. Go figure. Called her and left another message. Had to call into 1-800 number and go through the sales side to find her supervisor’s number who ALSO didn’t answer her phone. Left a VM. Got a return call saying investigation was closed.

I asked how that was possible since I just received a letter stating that if I disagreed or had more to add (like my entire statement!) that might alter the outcome to call. I told her I was in fact calling to try to make a statement. She was adamant that the investigation was closed but that she could get a claims adjustor on the line for me to make a statement. I asked what the point of that would be now that she’s adamant that the investigation is closed and won’t be reopened. She lied and told me they had sent letters. No letters have been received.

VERY UNIMPRESSED with Rachel **, incompetent supervisor of incompetent claims adjustor Taryn **. Rachel refused to give me the name and info of her supervisor. I suppose another complaint would not look good on her record. Their insured is a scam artist who hits commercial vehicles and claims he was hit. He had to open his vehicle doors with a makeshift hook. They have chosen to cover their own rear ends (no surprise) and not do an actual investigation. SHAME ON RACHEL ** AND TARYN **.

They are expensive enough to believe you’re getting quality insurance, but they dont care a dime about you, only interested in your dime. I had a wonderful agent but this is a terrible company. I was with them for years and leaving because it obvious they could care less if I leave or not.

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I hope and pray that we never again get hit by a insured who has American Family Insurance Coverage. The corrupt nightmare started with their insured trying to intimidate my younger daughter into not contacting his insurance. After taking a picture of his license plate before he drove off we were able to have my daughter drive 2 hours to the police district office to file an accident report. Once the Milwaukee District police took their time in hunting down the insured they provided us with a police report.

Once my husband and I obtained that we contacted American Family to file a claim and inform them that we already had a reputable and trusted body shop where we dropped the car off to get repaired while we were leaving town back in July of 2018. We informed American Family and sent them the formal estimate and told American Family to pay the body shop direct. This is where the second nightmare and corruption that is rapid in the company and so ingrained in everyone you talk with.

American Family sent their inexperienced, ignorant about high end car repairs to the body shop and told them to lower their hourly labor amount they pay their employees because that is not the contracted rate they have with other body shops they give all their work to. The estimator also told the body shop he had to use second hand parts and not to replace all the bumper but instead pound out part of it. This estimator was out of touch with reality. She then left a message on our voicemail that her decision was final and she was leaving town for a family issue and could not be reached.

Upon getting that insane voicemail message my husband and I tried to talk with higher level management which were Mr. Tom **, Mr. Ben ** who told me that American Family’s philosophy is to quickly repair your car, (Not Properly with the best and new parts), take oversight over the job, (which actually means they call or visit the body shop and negotiate your car repairs to fit their dollar allocation).

Follow industry standards (which really means get you to take your car to their contracted body shops or they do not pay the entire repair estimate amount), leverage these repairs, (which really means they try to shove down your throat that Gerber Glass Repair shop is a reputable body shop to do matching die lot paint repair on your car) and says they warranty the body shops work (which means that when your paint job and clear coat does not match the rest of your car you can keep fighting with the body shop to repaint your entire car which will never happen and the value of your car plummeted and will not even be bought by a wholesaler of used cars).

None of these nightmares which is the main business model of American Family on their website too would be a problem if they let the person who was not at fault choose the body shop they know and trust to do the work. American Family even tried to get us to accept a several hundred dollar lower estimate by sending the check to me instead of the body shop. They are so corrupt and ignorant that I had to inform them that you cannot send a check for repairs to the nonregistered owner on the vehicle’s title. They then issued a new check under my husband’s name but still would not pay the body shop the car was at.

After more intense telephone conversations with upper management that led to not paying the estimated bill I contacted body shops across the country and asked what their rate would be if I had a bumper and trunk damage to my car that needed repair and the first question they asked me was who was the insurance company that was going to pay the repairs at which time he pulled out his contract with that insurance company and quoted their rates and repair policies for your car. Not the best practices to fix your car but the cheapest way to fix your car because that is all that American Family will pay them. THIS IS PRICE GOUGING AND MARKET MONOPOLY IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY.

My husband and I tried to talk common sense to the following list of American Family Employees who in our opinions should not have their jobs anymore. Ben ** even told me to go out and get more estimates and then send them to him at ** and then he would have Michael ** and Julie ** (his claim adjusters, which they call Auto Physical Damage Team) call that shop and renegotiate my estimate. When I said that was illegal he gave me his private email listed above and said to deal with him “directly”. Jessica ** was part of this scam.

Mr. Tom ** was also part of the management team who pushed us onto Ben **. You can reach these people at ** (no one gives out their direct extensions or telephone numbers because they do not want you to contact them). I only got these because I told them I was aware of the scam on how they pay out claims and force people to take their cars to their contracted body shops who they agree to feed so much business to during the contracted terms.

Their Auto Physical Damage Team tried to tell us that the lower part of the bumper was “repairable” and the upper part was needing a new part which comes in unpainted and wanted my husband and I to agree to their lower estimate to have 3 different paint colors on the final repair job. Upper management even had the audacity to tell my husband and I that our Volvo was not a high end car and therefore they were not going to pay the labor rates of $80.00 per hour for an experienced body shop repair specialist who works on Lamborghini’s etc. to work on my car because the insurance industry already regulated that body shops can only pay their repair specialists at the most $50.00 an hour.

Which means your car could be painted by a new guy who is just being paid way less than $50.00 an hour. He does not have the skill or been trained by the experts at “private” body shops who value their employees and the work they do. So sad that not even Shana ** at American Family’s Consumer Affairs Department cared about my husband’s vehicle, how we were being treated or followed up on the end of our experience. She can be reached at **.


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