Aug 28 2018

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Unsecured loans more options for you

With an unsecured loan you can borrow $1,000- $20,000 based on your ability to pay it back, without needing an asset on the loan. We’ll look at your situation and come back with the amount you’ll be able to borrow. And we’ll make sure you get the best rates around so you can get those unexpected dentist or surgery bills sorted, or start planning the renovations, holiday or wedding of your dreams.

Secure loan

A secured loan gives you more options and better rates. All you need is a car or property to offer as security.


If you’re looking for a new business vehicle, getting preapproved for a loan means you’ll be able to snap up the deals when you see them.

Bad credit loan

Even if you’ve got a bad credit history or defaults with Baycorp and are having trouble getting business finance, our lending experts can probably help.

Debt consolidation

Combine your store cards, credit cards, loans and hire purchases and pay them off all at once – it’s simpler and could save your business money in the long run.

Refinance loan

If you’re paying too much interest somewhere else, we can help. Refinance your business loan with us and we’ll sort you out with an interest rate and repayments to suit you.

We create unsecured loans that are tailored to suit you, so they’re easier manage and pay off.

You can choose to make direct debit repayments monthly, weekly or fortnightly it’s simple. If you set it up on your pay day, you’ll never have to worry about upcoming payments again.

You’ll also get a tailored interest rate, depending on things like your financial situation and credit history all we need is a bit of info about your circumstances, income and expenses.

How much can I afford?

My experience with The Lending Room was absolutely amazing. After months of mucking around with banks and companies that charged outrageous interest rates I filled out an application to The Lending Room, and within a few days I had a loan that suited me and at a fantastic interest rate. Julian along with the other staff I dealt with were so kind and helpful and the whole process was so fast and hassle free did it all through email which was awesome as I work full time and have a young baby. I would recommend The Lending Room to anyone who is looking for excellent customer service, the best deal, and a hassle free process. I cannot thank you all enough!

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