Mar 16 2018

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Credit Cards

Credit cards are a great way to handle those unexpected expenses that life may throw your way.

Whether your car needs repairs or you have some surprise medical expenses, a credit card from HTFFFCU will be here just in case you need it. Choose the card that best fits your needs to learn more:

Buy what you want and get rewarded for it. By applying for our Visa Rewards Card, you can take advantage of exciting travel opportunities, premium merchandise and so much more.

Earn points for every purchase you make and redeem your points for premium merchandise, gift cards, statement credit or travel. The more points you earn, the greater your reward!

  • Competitive rate 1
  • Earn one reward point for every dollar spent 4
  • Added security with EMV chip technology
  • Generous credit line
  • Custom Houston Firefighter Design
  • No annual fees 2
  • No cash advance fee 2
  • No balance transfer fee 2
  • Works with Android Pay TM , Apple Pay TM and Samsung Pay TM 3
  • 24-hour access to account information (via HTFFFCU Online Banking)
  • COMING SOON: Design Your Own Card option

Enjoy a competitive rate and other personalized features with a HTFFFCU Visa Credit Card.

Card Conversion Information

We’re excited to announce that we have converted to a new credit card processor as of September 17, 2017! Find out more information on actions you need to take if you have not done so already below.

If you would like to send payments via mail, use the new address below. You can also use HTFFFCU Online Banking to make a quick transfer to your credit card!

Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU VISA

Dallas, TX 75266-0493

The new address for overnight payments is:

560 Carillon Parkway

St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Please note: Payments sent to the old address may be subject to any late fees incurred for missed payments.

We’ll automatically transfer your existing automatic payments from your HTFFFCU savings or checking account.

  • Online Payments

    To set up automatic payments with your new card, sign into HTFFFCU Online and click on your credit card under the Services tab.

  • Note: If you set up auto pay through EZCardInfo, that information will not transfer over after the conversion and you will need to set up payment information again through the new credit card site, Access Point (which can be accessed via Online Banking).

    Update your Bill Pay account by creating a new payee with the new payment address. Remember to notify any vendors with recurring payments such as your gym, Netflix account, or utilities.

    • Card Activation – 1-800-631-3197 or (outside of US) 727-540-9434
    • Order New PIN via PIN Now – 1-888-886-0083
    • Defense Edge (Falcon) – 1-888-918-7313 (domestic) 727-299-2449 (out of U.S.)
    • Lost/Stolen Visa Card – 1-800-449-7728
    • PSCU Customer Dispute Address: – Customer Service, PO Box 31112, Tampa, FL 33631-3112
    • 24/7 Cardholder Service – 1-855-835-9186
    • CU Rewards – 1-800-637-7728
    • Visa Assistance Center (if members are traveling) – 1-800-VISA-911 or (outside of US) 303-967-1096

    APPLY FOR A CREDIT INCREASE: Already have a credit card with us and need a credit limit increase? Click here to apply!

    1. Loan approval and APR based on creditworthiness, payment method and ability to repay. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change. APR=Annual Percentage Rate.

    2. Fee schedule. Fees subject to change.

    3. Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc; Android Pay is a trademark of Google Inc; Samsung Pay is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., LTD.

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