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Cars Theme Unit – Lessons, Party Ideas, Printables and more, cars games.#Cars #games

cars games

Cars games

Cars Theme Unit

Below teachers will find ideas with a Cars theme for your classroom parents will find ideas to use while they create a Cars birthday party theme!

Cars gamesFree Cars Printables From Teaching HeartCars games

Sorting Disney Cars – Sort pictures from the movie and count

Cars Word Search – Free Time Fun or Great start to a party!

Cars gamesGreat Cars BooksCars games

Cars gamesPoems and Songs on a Car ThemeCars games

Look at my bright shiny car,

I’m driving it today-o!

I’m driving it today-O!

WATCHING TRAFFIC (tune: Frere Jacques )

Watch the cars go, watch the cars go,

Whiz-zing by, whiz-zing by.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,

That’s like mine! That’s like mine!

Rolling by, rolling by.

Stop for all the people, stop for all the people.

Get on board! Get in board!

Down the street, down the street.

Gas and oil and milk trucks,

Mail and trash and dump trucks,

On their way, on their way.

(sung to: When Johnny Comes Marching Home

We like to travel in our car,

A car can take us near or far,

We buckle up before we go,

Whether we’re going fast or slow,

So we’ll all be safer while riding in our car!

(by Vicki Swanning)

Play the music from the movie!

Cars gamesAwesome Disney Pixar Cars Products from AmazonCars games

Great for listening center!

Great set of games for a center!

Cars games Ideas for the Classroom Cars games

Cars games


Pour a puddle of paint on a grocery tray. Drive a car through the paint, and then drive it on some paper.

Blow a big bubble on the counter top. Dip a toy car into bubble solution and drive it into the bubble. You will have a car in a bubble.

Yummy Activity: CAR SANDWHICH

You can make cars out of sandwiches too. You use a dinner roll instead of bread. I use carrot circles for the wheels but you could use anything round and about that size. We usually put racing stripes on with cream cheese or mustard and sometimes we even make a little driver out of a radish.

Art Activity: CAR COLLAGE

Invite the children to cut out pictures of cars from old magazines -make a collage.

Thinking Skills: DISCUSS CARS

Discuss why we have cars – what other types of vehicles are there?

They are currently making CARS Gummy Fruit Snacks. You could graph the candy in the bag. If you can’t find the CARS brand, you can buy the matchbox fruit snacks and use those.

Sort the characters and answer questions about the group.

Phonics: Cars and Reading

Have the kids bring toy cars from home to share. Help them arrange the cars in a letter C!

Have students match the Cars characters to the letter their name starts with. Print the letters S, M, D, F, on cards. Print the characters Sally, Mater, Doc, and Filmore on cards. Students match the letter to the character.

Kids love to make car noises. Let them following you along a imaginary road and pretend to be cars. Go fast and zoom go slowly, stop quickly and eek

as brakes work – go around lots of curves – putt-putt-putt with enginetrouble

racetrack on the door or in the hallway with a title welcoming the students. For example, We are on the right track , Racing toward a Great Year , and Mrs. G’s class are all winners .

Have students desk tags made in the shape of cars and have teams related to cars characters(Team Mater, team McQueen, Team Sally. ).

Use a graphic of a car on a numberline to track the number of days of schools. Move the car each day to show which day you are on.

RACING FOR READING: As a reading bulletin board: Decorate as a racetrack. Give each student a car character of their choice. Place the students name or picture on their car. Have markers for each book read.

LICENSE PLATE RUBBINGS: Using old license plates (or plate on cars in the parking lot) allow students to do rubbings of the plates. Provide paper and crayons for the rubbings

Print out graphics from the movie onto iron on paper. Iron the images onto a bag. In the bag place the read along book CARS. Place a Cars Matchbox in the bag. Place a Cars game in the bag.

I did a unit on cars (vehicles) years ago in Pre-K and remember a few things.

-we walked to a street that was fairly busy, sat down in 2 groups (aide helped) and tallied the vehicles that drove by. A chart was divided into 4 columns with the headings, cars, vans, suv, trucks. The kids would call out the type of vehicle that drove by , and I would do my best to tally each one. Then we returned to class and compared the results.

-kids brought boxes of any size in and we used paint, markers, a variety of lids, and collage material to create a vehicle.

-I drew an outline of a VW- looking car, and the kids decorated it, and added people. I wrote on the car as they answered the question: Where would you like to go in a car, and who would you go with? We made a book.

At my school we do a transportation unit. At the end of the unit we have a transportation parade. We have the parade at the end of January, but start preparing the parents for in in December. This is a project completed at home. We ask the parents to start thinking of ideas and to save a box during the holiday season. Each family takes the box and makes it into any form of transportation. We send home measurements- they all need to fit through doors. The students wear the boxes. We have done this for the past 3 years. Everyone loves it. The students all walk around the school wearing them as the other students stand outside their doors cheering them on. We live by Route 66, so we teach them the song and it plays through the loudspeaker system. It was great watching the movie Cars. they had our town’s name as a bumper sticker! (and the soundtrack has a better Route 66 song). We also go to the local musuem and look at how transportation has changed from the past to the present. Just some things we do.

Cars gamesBirthday Party IdeasCars games

*Cars Shirt: Make a personalized shirt as a gift for a CARS fan or make one as a favor for each guest. Below are examples of shirts I made for my son and his friend. I just find the graphics I wish to use and print them on iron on paper. Then I follow the directions on the paper and iron on the graphics.

*Cars Bag – Similar to the shirt. Find graphics you want to use and iron them on to a bag. You can put car related gifts into the bag for the birthday boy or girl. You can get the smaller tote bags on Oriental Trading (they come in bulk) and make favor bags for each guest. I have done this for a Thomas Theme ( click here to view ).

*Note Pads – buy notepads at the dollar store and print graphics on sticky paper for a notepad for each guest. You can view the Thomas notepads by clicking here (same idea!).

Click here for the publisher notepad template I made.

Cars games

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