Jan 21 2018

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auto tune

Auto tune Auto tune Auto tune Auto tune Auto tune

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    Auto tune

    Dynamic Auto Tune is the premier European service and repair dealership alternative in Charlotte NC. We provide customized car care, repairs, maintenance and performance modifications for all of your European vehicle needs ( and wants!). We are the premier Auto repair service for BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen service Center in Charlotte NC (8516 Monroe Rd, Charlotte NC 28212 ).


    European Service and Repair

    Performance Modifications


    Check Engine Light

    We can find the root cause for any warning light illuminated on the dashboard. From check engine light, service light, abs or air bag and all the other lights.Diagnose, Estimate, Correct it , reset it, and drive happy.

    Scheduled Maintenance

    All vehicles require maintenance and we are experts at performing the Scheduled maintenance to keep your vehicle running consistently. Everything your vehicle needs, from Oil and filter changes to more complex valve adjustments on specialty engines. Treat your vehicle good, it will treat you good.

    A/C Service

    In the southern US the A/C is important to maintain a comfortable driving experience. This system even helps with defrosting the windshield. We have the equipment and knowledge to keep your European vehicles Air Conditioning running perfectly

    Fluid Leaks

    We have a great philosophy at Dynamic Auto Tune; First priority is repairs, second is maintenance, lastly would be cosmetics and modifications. From this standpoint any fluid leak is a top priority. Often these issues can cause catastrophic consequential damage. We can correct the fluid leaks and minimize the damage fluid contamination can happen to the rest of the vehicle components.

    Suspension Specialists

    Knock, creek, squeak or wobble? Some of our favorite conversations are when clients mimic the sound of a suspension noise. Sounds like . All jokes aside these can be serious safety issues screaming to get repaired. Any issues with suspension bushings or joints inevitably snowball into larger issues and additional symptoms especially abnormal tire wear. We can inspect, diagnose, and advise on suspension repairs or even suspension upgrades.

    Low Vehicle Friendly

    We have the areas only low car friendly alignment rack. This alignment rack is recessed into the shop floor to accept low clearance vehicles. If you have 2 of ground clearance, we can align your vehicle.

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