Jan 19 2018

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We re a leading and reputable licensed moneylender in Singapore

established since 2010.

What Makes Us Different From Other Licensed Money Lender in Singapore?

Over the years, Singapore has been constantly ranked as the city with the highest cost of living across the globe. Taking into accounts and considerations of the relative strengths each household possess to pay off recurring expenses, monthly utilities bills and other liabilities, Credit Hub Capital would like to extend our helping hand to customers from all walks of life. Our core values are to provide assistance to our valuable customers to lighten their day-to-day responsibilities and or even during emergencies. Also, by supporting them to achieve their personal and professional business financial goals as we recognise the frustrations and disparity they faced when applying elsewhere.

Credit Hub Capital showcase a wide variety of flexible loan services such as Personal Loan, Payday Loan, Short Term Loan and Business Loan that are specially tailored accordingly to individual’s needs. Foreigners are welcome to apply Foreigner Loan with us, as we believe that even though most foreigners are expats and coping well in Singapore, however, there are still minority of them struggling with financial constraint. Hence, Credit Hub Capital would like to open both arms and promise to help them in any means we could.

What You Need To Know About Money Lender Loan Application

With Credit Hub Capital, the money lender loan application is simplified and hassles free. Our standard loan procedure is very straightforward, no hidden clauses and everything are transparent. Besides, customers do not have to wait for months to get loan approval. All you need to do is to leave your particulars online and our financial advisors will contact you within 24 hours. Or you may simply call us now at 6338 5115 for any further enquiries.

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