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Debit Card

Before activating your card, READ this important information for cardholders!

Benny™ makes it easier to access the money you’ve set aside in your Health Care FSA and/or Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). Be sure to review your plan documents to learn more about where and with what you can use your Card. Or call the number on the back of your Card if you need more information.

Debit Debit

To use your Benny™ MasterCard® Card successfully at the pharmacy, remember:

  • Your Benny™ Card can only be used to pay exact amounts you owe for prescriptions covered by your health plan or OTC supply items.
  • Effective January 1, 2009, the IRS required all grocery stores, discount stores, and pharmacies to have an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) in place. The system automatically recognizes and separates eligible and ineligible purchases. These purchases will not require you to submit a receipt. The card will only work at merchants that have the IIAS System. You still have to save all of your receipts, as this is an IRS governed plan. Click on IIAS Info to access a list of participating merchants.
  • The BeneFLEX Card may be used for your spouse and dependents listed on your income tax return.
  • Save all receipts. BeneFLEX may contact you to submit a receipt to verify an expense. To meet IRS requirements, if such receipts aren’t sent to BeneFLEX in the timeframe indicated in the correspondence, your Card may be suspended until the issue is resolved.

You need to activate your Benny™ Card before you can use it!

Activating Your Card

Q: How do I activate the Benny™ Card?

Q: When can I start using my Benny™ Cards?

Q: What dollar amount is on my Benny™ Card when I activate it?

Q: If asked, should I select “Debit” or “Credit”?

Important Information for Cardholders!

Q: Where can I use my Benny™ Card?

  • Doctors
  • Podiatrists
  • Pharmacies
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists Orthodontists
  • Medical supply stores
  • Vision centers
  • Hospitals
  • Medical labs

and for qualified, out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, such as

  • Co-payments, coinsurance, deductibles
  • Dental orthodontic expenses
  • Vision expenses Lasik surgery
  • Hospital charges

(Some examples of healthcare expenses not qualified are most cosmetic surgeries, teeth whitening, and health club memberships.)

Remember to review your employer’s plan documents or call the number on the back of your Card to learn more about where to use your Benny™ Card. (You can’t use the Card at non-health related MasterCard locations, such as restaurants, gas stations, and bookstores.)

Q: What if I order my prescription through an online or mail order program?

Q: What are some reasons my Benny™ Card might not work at point-of-service?

  • Your Card has not been activated.
  • You used your Card before waiting until the next business day after activation.
  • You have insufficient funds remaining in your FSA and/or HRA to cover the entire expense.
  • You purchased non-covered prescriptions at the pharmacy.
  • The merchant is encountering problems (such as coding or swipe box issues).

Q: How will the Benny™ Card work with OTC products?

You can continue to use your FSA, HRA, or HSA funds to purchase OTC items that are not considered a medicine or drug (e.g. bandages, splints, contact lens solution, etc.) Please note that insulin remains an eligible expense with or without a prescription.

Using the Card

Q: Can I use the Benny™ Card if I receive a statement with a “Patient Balance Due” for a medical service?

Q: How do I use my Benny™ MasterCard® when a provider requires me to pay in full (in excess of my co-pay) at point of service?

Q: Can I use my Benny™ Card to pay for services incurred in a previous plan year?

Q: How do I know how much is in my FSA and/or HRA account?

Q: What if I have an expense that is more than the amount left in my Healthcare FSA and/or HRA?

Q: Do I need a new Benny™ Card each year?

Q: Where do I go for answers to my questions?

Q: What if I lose my Card or need another one?

Enjoy using your Benny™ Card! It makes FSAs/HRAs Fast. Easy. Automatic!

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