Jan 11 2018

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e insurance

Great jobs for great people

  • OSHA construction class

    Reduce job-site risks

  • Workers’ comp provider help

    Call us with questions

  • Recovering from Harvey?

    See our tips and resources

  • E insurance

    Looking for a great place to work with good benefits?

    Check out our jobs – jobs that make a difference by helping Texans. Some of our jobs help protect Texans by fighting insurance fraud, reducing fire hazards, and helping those who have been injured on the job get the benefits they need. To see our job openings, scroll down to “Quick Links” and click on “Jobs.” To hear what our employees say about working at TDI, watch our video by clicking on the link below.

    E insurance

    Interested in a construction safety class?

    The Division of Workers’ Compensation offers training in construction safety, including OSHA requirements. The class also teaches safety awareness to help employees recognize and reduce job-site hazards and risks. Classes are $30 a person. To learn how to sign up for a class, call 512-804-4610 or email [email protected]

    E insurance

    Help line for workers’ compensation providers

    If you are a health care provider serving injured employees and you need help with a workers’ compensation issue, call our help line at 1-800-252-7031 (option 3). We can answer questions about: treatment guidelines; billing and reimbursement; workers’ compensation forms; licensing and certification requirements; and, monitoring, compliance, and enforcement. Health care providers also can email questions to [email protected]

    E insurance

    Get help with insurance questions, recovery resources

    Visit our Help after Harvey web page for links to learn how we can help you, tips for filing claims, what to do if your car is flooded, preventing contractor fraud, and more. We also have links to helpful disaster recovery resources and short videos.

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