Dec 23 2017

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Banner Life Insurance Quote

Banner Life, owned by Legal General America, is one of the best term life insurance companies in America.

We place a lot of business with Banner Life and all of their major competitors, including American General/AIG. Met Life, Protective Life, Prudential, SBLI, Genworth, United of Omaha, Principal Life, Lincoln National and the list goes on and on….

Banner Life has some of the best underwriters in the business (shout out to Debbie P. and Becky S. you gals are awesome!) and Banner Life always needs to be considered on every case.

While Banner does offer permanent life insurance, their term life insurance product line is where they are most competitive.

Click here to email us to get an accurate Banner Life insurance quote or if you have any questions or need more information about Banner Life.

At same time we email you with the Banner Life quote, we will send you quotes for other insurance companies that may make you a better offer.

Some areas where Banner Life “shines”….

Impaired Risk Life Insurance

Banner Life also has an unusual table rating structure which can give them an advantage over most of the competition when it comes to underwriting tougher cases.

Banner Life is never going to make the best offer on every diabetes, heart, cancer or other impaired risk case, so we’ve developed a system to ensure our clients get the absolute best rate possible every time.

Additional Benefit on All Banner Life Policies

Banner Life offers the MediGuide Medical Second Opinion Service as an added benefit to any purchaser of their life insurance policies (available in all States except KS, WA and NY). This service will enable you to get a medical 2nd opinion after being diagnosed with a serious illness at no charge to you. MediGuide works with leading medical centers throughout the United States and will work with you and your physicians to gain convenient access to these medical centers for review of your diagnosis and treatment plans.

This is a unique benefit that no other life insurance companies are currently offering.

Banner Life Insurance Company should be considered by everyone seeking term life insurance.

Click Here to email us or call us at 1-800-380-3533 if you’d like an accurate quote from Banner Life and other companies that may make you a better offer than Banner or if you have any questions or need any additional information.

If you d just like to check out some of Banner Life s rates available to you, you can use the quoting tool to the right.

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