Dec 20 2017

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Tips To Pick the Best Health Insurance Plan

Healthcare insurance is an essential aid in today’s world where medical care costs are rising steeply with every passing day. A medical crisis like accident, critical illness or sickness can result in extended hospital stay that can leave you in a serious financial setback unless you have a comprehensive healthcare policy which can take care of your medical expenses.

So, what we need to find out is, “Which is the best healthcare insurance plan for you”? Today where so much of information is available and huge efforts are put in spreading awareness, there is an apprehensive approach when it comes to buying a health insurance. Prime cause of this is the insufficient knowledge about the prospects a good medical insurance policy can offer. There is also very little knowledge about the aspects that should be examines when buying a medical insurance plan and filing a medical claim successfully.

Factors which should be considered to choose the best health care plan for your family in India are:

1.   Number of members and their respective age

2.   Look for the maximum amount of sum provided to cover family members in the policy. Select a sum considering your premium payment capacity as higher the coverage, more the premium payment.

3.   Additional features like riders that you can add to your policy like accidental cover, critical illness rider.

4.   Complete information regarding medical check-ups if one has reached a pre-defined age.

5.   Information regarding filing of claims and the restraints that may prevent a successful filing.

6.   Thorough research for the best health care insurer and their policies. Select a policy that can manages all your health needs.

7.   Always claim your free year bonus that every healthcare insurer offers to its customers for claim free years. The bonus can either be an increase in the sum insured or a discount on the premium.

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