Dec 6 2017

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Motorhome insurance

Do I need insurance for my motorhome?

Yes. It s a legal requirement for you to purchase annual insurance for your motorhome, even if you only use it a handful of times each year.

This is because, under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) rules that came into force in 2011, it is now illegal to own a vehicle that is uninsured – even if it is not in use and is sitting in your garage.

The only way to avoid insuring a vehicle that s registered in your name is to declare it off the road with the DVLA via a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

What should my motorhome insurance policy cover?

The minimum level of motorhome insurance required by law is third party cover.

Just as with car insurance, third party motorhome insurance will protect you in the event that another person (or their property) is injured by your motorhome. It won t cover you for any damage to the vehicle itself.

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) motorhome cover offers additional protection so that you ll be covered if your motorhome is stolen or damaged due to criminal activity, or is damaged or destroyed by fire.

Finally, fully comprehensive motorhome insurance offers all the cover provided by a TPFT policy, but also includes cover for your motorhome in case it is damaged or destroyed in an accident that is your fault.

Some motorhome insurance policies will include cover for your vehicle s contents, or offer contents protection as an optional extra. If your camper is a home from home and often contains valuables, this might be worth considering.

Just make sure the items you d be protecting under motorhome contents insurance are not already covered by other insurance policies you might have in place, such as travel insurance or home contents cover.

You may also want to include cover for travel within the EU if you take your motorhome on trips abroad, and you might also want to consider adding breakdown cover to your policy if this is a cost-effective option.

What is unlikely to be covered under my motorhome insurance policy?

Motorhome contents and EU cover are unlikely to come as standard with every motorhome insurance policy, so if you require these features then it s important to check whether they re included and add them on to your cover if necessary.

Other common exclusions to motorhome cover include:

  • Wear and tear;
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown;
  • Damage caused to the vehicle by insects or vermin;
  • Damage caused to the motorhome by permanent use (i.e. through living in it all the time), or through its use for trade, professional or business purposes;
  • Damage or loss of the caravan or its contents due to poor security planning (such as the loss of valuables because you have not locked all windows and doors).
  • Your policy might also include a mileage cap or offer a choice of caps on the number of miles you can drive each year. The more miles you drive, the more you will pay for your cover.

    How can I compare motorhome insurance policies?

    As with any insurance product, the key to getting the best deal on motorhome insurance is to shop around. By comparing a variety of policies based on the quality of cover they provide as well as cost, you ll find a policy that s good value for money overall.

    MoneySuperMarket doesn t currently offer a comparison channel for motorhome insurance, but we have compiled a list of insurers below that will help you get started with researching your options.

    Motorhome insurance providers/products

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