Dec 6 2017

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You deserve the right insurance and we want to help.

Member Advantage Insurance Services is proud to serve all of your insurance needs.

We can write it all!

Homeowners, Auto, Renters, Investment property.

Considering an update to your auto insurance we can help. Do you need coverage for your business? We offer that too! Need a life insurance policy? No problem. Our job is to advise you on the ideal coverage for your lifestyle.

Our licensed agents work with individuals, families, and businesses throughout California, providing information, guidance, and support before, during, and after the insurance purchase process. We will spend time with you while you are deciding which coverage is most suitable for your requirements, and we will help you update your policy or provide support if you need to file a claim. Allow us to take the stress out of insurance.

Whether you are ready to purchase a policy or need to speak with an agent about coverage options, the team at Members Advantage is here for you. Stop hunting online for quotes from carriers; we can take care of that for you. We shop our full list of carriers in order to match you with the plan that best meets your requirements and budget.


Open Road: Motorcycle Safety and Insurance

With more than eight million motorcycles registered in the United States, cycling is a popular and fun way to travel. Unfortunately, it also can be dangerous. Consider these tips before revving up your engine.

Get Schooled on How to Insure Your College Student

College students have unique coverage needs that should be addressed before they leave for school. Insurance requirements and options for students may depend on the school and the living situation.

Holding Down the Cost of Auto Insurance

Auto policy premiums can vary widely because they are customized using mathematical formulas that reflect the perceived level of risk. Here are some factors that affect the price of insurance.

Protect Your Property: Coverage for Landlords and Renters

Many renters don’t realize that a landlord insurance policy will not cover the destruction or loss of the renters’ possessions. It’s important to understand the specific protection provided by a renters insurance policy and a landlord insurance policy.

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