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Bmw car insurance information

Most people know of BMW’s reputation for quality and excellence in the family car market. While their four-door sedans are generally seen as the golden standard in terms of reliability and build quality, few people know that BMW, or Bovarian Motor Works, actually got their start in the 1910s building aircraft engines. This is reflected today in their famous white and blue logo, intended to represent the appearance of a propeller whooshing through the air. BMW continued to build aircraft engines until the end of WWII, and was instrumental in developing engines for the world’s first jet fighters and jet bombers.

After WWII, BMW shifted their focus to the civilian market. The company’s first vehicle had been a motorcycle, and during both the first and second World Wars BMW motorcycles had gained a reputation for quality and reliability, with many soldiers taking them home as trophies. Most notably, these bikes were designed to adopt a permanent sidecar for passengers, whose wheel was driven by the motor, turning the bike into a three-wheeler and increasing off-roading capability. BMW thus saw demand for their bikes in the United States and began to export them in the 50s, where they are still exported. BMW has shifted their line towards bikes which are safer and easier to control as well as faster. They were one of the first companies to introduce anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control in an attempt to reduce motorcycle fatalities by increasing crash avoidance. With their purchase of Husqvarna in 2007 they have returned to the off-road market, allowing any dirt-biking teen with a Husqvarna to brag that he is, in effect, driving a “Beemer.”

BMW has in fact been responsible for the quiet purchase and revitalization of many languishing brands, most notably the Mini. The new Mini, introduced in 2003, is in fact a German design which came out of BMW’s labs after they acquired the rights to Mini Manufacturing in the late 90s. Wishing to produce a care that was similarly airy and small, they were forced to develop a vehicle which was completely new in every respect in order to meet modern safety demands. The BMW mini has since gone on to be as popular as its British ancestor, and a sporty, heavily modified version has proven surprisingly powerful and agile in the rallying circuit.

But BMW is primarily known for their high performance sedans, most notably the M series, which are intended to be four-door sedans that are nonetheless “race ready” and offer amazing power, speed and control. Originally designed to capitalize on the German market of “weekend racers” who visit German race tracks and autobahns to race family cars, it has proven very popular due to its sportscar performance and four-door, four-seat practicality. The M3 series was in such demand in that in 1992 a special international version was designed and built specifically for export, with an emphasis on cold weather tolerance for the States that experience winter and the ability to sidestep various rules and regulations that had kept the M3 in Europe.

BMW is one of the pioneers of German car manufacturing. Its legendary insignia is tantamount with car driving performance. Car insurance for BMWs has been notoriously expensive over the years, however more recently the cost of base BMW models has come down and in turn the insurance lowered slightly. BMW cars are usually fitted with an immobilizer and an alarm this also helps to lower the insurance rate.

There are over 196 million motorists in the United States, driving about 231 million registered vehicles. With so many people on the roads-many driving BMWs-car insurance coverage is there to make sure you receive the protection you need in the event of an accident. Shopping around for your BMW car insurance coverage helps you get the best possible rate and coverage possible for your BMW. By shopping around for their BMW auto insurance policy, BMW auto motorists can make sure they are getting the BMW car insurance coverage they need without paying unreasonably high rates. Comparing quotes from more than one company means you’re more likely to find a BMW auto insurance policy from an insurer that is economical and fits your budget. For BMW motorists shopping for their BMW insurance coverage, can help. We’ve brought together some top insurers making shopping for BMW car insurance coverage simpler, easier and more convenient through .

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