Nov 3 2017

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Furniture, clothing, and food.
Available for families in need.

Donate car in Houston helps families in
need of furniture, clothing and food in
Houston. Thank You for your vehicle
donation in Houston.

Helping Hands Charity is in need of
furniture donation in Houston, clothing
donation in Houston, Boat donation in
Houston and vehicle
donation in Houston. We also provide
a donation pick-up service in Houston.
We will pick-up your furniture donation
and clothing
donation in the greater Houston area.
Thank You as long as people like you
continue to help and donate furniture
in Houston, Helping
Hands Charity can help another 1,500
Families this year.

Helping Hands Charity is proud to offer
help to over 1,500 families each year.
Thanks to all the donations of clothing,
food, furniture,
car, and boat. We will continue to
provide donation pick-up service to the
greater Houston area. The donation
pick-up service is Free.
We accept donation pick-up for
furniture, clothing, cars, boat, and lots
more. We send a Large Box Truck for
the donation pickup
service. We provide free donation
pickup service with a great team ready
to go. We are in most areas of
Houston once a week
providing a great free donation pick-up
service. Thanks once again to
everyone helping us take care of over
1,500 families each year
with are donation pick-up service, for
the donate car Houston and the
donate boat Houston.

Helping Hands Charity is not affiliated
with the Salvation Army, Purple Heart,
Goodwill, Red Cross, St. Vincent De
Pauls or Catholic

Other Great Charities to donate to:
Salvation Army
Purple Heart
Red Cross
St Vincents De Pauls
Catholic Charity

So Houston Donate:
Donate a car.
Donate a boat.
Donate appliances.
Donate clothing.
Donate food.
Donate furniture.
Donate electronics.
Donate housewares.
Donate your unwanted items.
So Donate Houston and will can
pick-up service Free of any charge in
the greater Houston Area.

Copyright 08-2010 Helping Hands Charity, Inc All rights Reserved

We Accept Gently Used

We Do not Accept

  • Broken or Unusable Items
  • Non Working Item
  • Torn Or Badly Stand Items
  • Built In Appliances
  • We are not in need of
    OfficeFurniture such as
    Office Deskor large file

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