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AA Degree in Nursing

Jun 25, ’09 by Daytonite

in order to work as an rn in your state you will need to graduate from a board approved rn program (which i am sure is what broward [community] college south has), take the nclex exam and pass it to become licensed as an rn in florida. licensure as an rn is the legal authorization to work as an rn and can only be granted by the state you live in which is florida. it is not much different from getting a license to be permitted to drive a car except that nursing is much more complicated than driving a car and requires greater preparation so the state requires that you must attend specialized training. you are choosing a training program at broward [community] college south. however, many universities as well as some hospital based programs also offer rn training at the end of which their students are qualified to take the exam (nclex) to become licensed as rns.

an aa degree is a rank given to a student by a college or university after completing a specified course of study at their institution. a university offers a bachelors degree when their course of study is completed. a hospital based training program will give a diploma to the students who complete its training program. a college, university or hospital training program, however, has no authority to grant any kind of nursing license. they merely train and prepare people so they can take the licensing test. it is possible to complete an aa, bsn or diploma in nursing, but fail the nclex exam and not be able to get a license just as it is possible for someone to complete a driver’s education course but fail their driver’s test with the state and not be able to get their permanent driver’s license.

when i graduate bc am i eligible to work in a hospital already as a nurse?

you will only be eligible to work as an rn when you take the nclex and successfully pass it. only then will you receive your rn license. in some states (such as here in california) you can work as an interim permitee after you graduate from an rn program and you have registered to take the nclex. as an interim permitee you can work under the supervision of an rn doing rn work. (this is real similar to having a temporary driver’s license and only being allowed to driver when you are with a licensed driver.) i do not know if florida allows this, otherwise, the answer is no, you cannot work as a nurse (rn) until you get your rn license.

will i be ready to take my board exam?

when you graduate from an aa degree rn program you will be ready to take the board exam (nclex).

i plan to transfer my credits to fiu so i would be doing a rn-bsn program correct?

yes. however, check with fiu to make sure all your credits are going to transfer. i got my aa in nursing from a community college in california and ended up attending a university in ohio for my bsn. the university in ohio would not take any of my lower division nursing credits in transfer. they had their own idea of how they were going to grant lower division nursing credit. i also had a whole bunch of lower division credits in arts and science classes in addition to the upper division nursing credits that were required by the university in ohio that i had to fulfill in order for them to grant me my bachelor’s degree. get a copy of fius college catalog (it should be online) and see what their credit hour requirements are to get a bachelor’s degree.

im just confused about graduating in 2 years as an rn or in 4 years as an rn

just realize that there is a distinction between the terms rn (which is a legal term) and aa degree and bachelor’s degree which are ranks you earn from institutions of higher learning.

welcome to the wonderful world of academia!

If and when you graduate with an AAS (Associate in Applied Science) Degree and pass the State Boards (NCLEX) you are licensed as as RN in your state. The same is true if you graduated from a Nursing School or a BS Degree Program. All the graduates (no matter what type of school) take the exact same NCLEX. There are not different NCLEX for different degrees. We are all RN’s. Each state has it’s own tests that are developed by the State Education Dept. It is not always necessary to take the tests again is you move from state to state. You may have to just pay a license fee. You have to check with each state (where you want to move) to see what the requirements are. The same is true if you wish to, after you graduate with an AAS degree, go to another college to continue your education (even if it is in the same state). You will have to submit your transcript to the college and then they will let you know how many of your credits will be accepted by them and what credits will not. Then they will set you up with their required courses to complete you BS degree. You do not need a BS degree to work as an RN ever. I have had an AAS degree for the past 38 years and have worked as a floor nurse, head nurse and supervisor with this degree. The last place I worked the Asst Director of Nursing had an AAS degree. Good luck in whatever you decide.
RN for NY

thank you guys so much! I know the difference in terms of course, but maybe i named it wrong. Theres a difference between an AA degree and an AS degree. I applied to BC for my AA degree working under a dual-enrollment program where i am under the eyes of FIU. meaning after i do my english, psy, phi, bio ect. classes (60 credits) i am able to transfer to FIU and pursue my bachelors.

but i was reading that the only difference between an AS degree and BSN is that with a BSN you have the opportunity to work management. but the pay as an RN is the same whether you studied 2 yrs or 4.

is this tru or not?

if that was the case then i would rather just do an AS degree and get it over with in 2yrs than waiting 4+

what do you guys recommend i do?

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