Sep 30 2017

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Dual Credit Online

Why Online Dual Credit?

  • Expands accessibility to rigorous, relevant, online college credit courses.
  • Students may attend class 24/7 – from the convenience of their high school campus or from home.
  • Builds in additional flexibility for students trying to juggle a demanding personal� schedule.
  • Online classes provide opportunities for students to receive direct and timely feedback through open communication outside of the traditional classroom.
  • Online instruction may provide a more comfortable environment which encourages students to participate in discussions and projects.� Many students normally shy in a traditional classroom become more engaged and responsive in an online class.
  • Courses offered use technology that are already familiar to students, such as pod casts, RSS feeds, blogs, Instant Messaging, wikis, etc.
  • Online dual credit assists school districts in finding college credentialed faculty (may also help districts in meeting� the demands of 4×4).
  • Provides a secure environment for high school students to participate in college opportunities.
  • Assists students in completing prerequisite courses that may be required for acceptance to college programs (e.g. Health Science programs).
  • Students have the opportunity to accelerate their time to completion of a high school and/or college certificate or degree.
  • Specially trained college faculty for dual credit online instruction.

Student Support for Online Dual Credit

  • Increased interaction between students, school district partners, and college faculty via chat, instant message, email, phone, or discussion forums.
  • College advising support available.
  • Computer technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Analytics identify specific areas to be improved, then automatically refer students to appropriate modules for reinforcement and/or tutorial assistance.
  • Our LSC Student Services site has resources in tutoring, library research, disability services and other support areas for you.

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Dual Credit Registration

Dual Credit Registration (ISD, Charter, and Private Schools) for Fall 2017:
Deadline is June 1, 2017 – please see your High School counselor for more information

Dual Credit Registration (Homeschool) for Fall 2017:
Please see your Dual Credit Representative on campus

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