Sep 30 2017

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AMRG’s revenue cycle department is a respected EMS Billing service nationwide. We utilize a unique billing approach that has been proven to maximize revenue and decrease patient responsibility. Our goal is to minimize the burden of the billing and collections process so you can focus your attention on serving your community with a valuable life-saving service.

The Revenue Cycle department is committed to providing the utmost professional and HIPAA compliant ambulance billing service available in the industry. We are proud of our record as one of the top billing companies in the Nation. To obtain this status we strive for excellence in:

· HIPAA Compliance
· Continuing education
· Manage accounts with professional/certified staff
· Audit claims for compliance according to state and federal regulations
· Timely claim submission within 24 hours of date of service
· Work closely with insurance carriers for maximum revenue


The AMRG Business Development Department oversees the corporation’s business development, marketing, public relations and membership program efforts. The department ensures that strong relationships are developed and maintained with key decision makers and stakeholders in current, and future, service areas.

The accounting department provides accounting services and financial support to AMRG and its sisters companies. The department records accounts payable and receivable, inventory, payroll, fixed assets and all other financial elements. The department’s accountants review the records of each department to determine the company’s financial position and any changes required to run the organization cost effectively. The accounting department also ensures all reporting requirements for government agencies and private funding sources are met timely.

The membership team oversees all aspects of managing the membership program for each of our participating companies. We participate in community events and promote the program to all eligible community members. Our office team manages all aspects of the application process as well as all communications with our members.

The combined work of our many team members allows us to ensure that when our assistance is necessary, the benefits of a patient’s membership are applied to any services rendered. We strive to offer peace of mind at the moment you need it most.

Our corporate Communications Center staffs 13 dedicated Communication Specialists who provide a combined 80+ years of emergency communications experience. From our Communications Center we facilitate emergent and non-emergent fixed wing and rotor flight requests 24 hours a day. Our Communication Specialists receive patient transport requests from hospitals, clinics, 911 agencies, and other healthcare providers and mobilize the appropriate pilot(s) and medical team to best meet the needs of the patient. Through live satellite tracking technology our Communication Specialists are able to closely monitor the safe execution of each transport and ensure effective communication with ground support and receiving facilities. Our Communication Center acts as a liaison between pilots, medical crews, administration, maintenance, and customers to ensure we are continually providing a safe and efficient air medical resource while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Our Communication Specialists each complete the NAACS Certified Flight Communicator course as well as on-going training in flight following, map reading, radio communication, Federal Aviation Regulations, aviation weather, customer relations, and emergency procedures, ensuring they maintain proficiency to act quickly and efficiently in any situation.

The human resources department at AMRG and its sister companies stands at the gateway to a world of potential and meaningful careers. The human resources team knows that good enough is never good enough for employees. The HR team does everything it can to foster a team atmosphere, help employees maintain a good work-life balance, further the career of employees, and help ensure that customers receive the best care available. The team is passionate about improving what the companies offer employees and is always implementing industry leading best practices.

AMRG, and its sister companies, offers an impressive array of benefits to our employees. These include a choice of different medical plans (including health savings accounts), flex spending accounts, life insurance, supplemental life Insurance, vision coverage, dental insurance, short term and long term disability, and a 401k plan supported by a corporate match. Employee discounts are available for everything from mobile service to purchasing shoes. If the need ever arises, the companies even offer transport on their own planes.

The HR Department understands and supports AMRG and its sister companies by partnering with management, supporting employees and has a clear vision of its potential.

AMRG HR Department Vision

Create an industry leading, strategic Human Resources Department.

HR Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure AMRG and sister companies provide safe, compassionate and efficient air medical transportation and meet strategic financial goals by:

• Innovating processes, procedures, techniques, and methods that push the boundaries of what Human Resources has traditionally contributed to the corporate bottom line, both financially and culturally.

• Developing processes and procedure that ensure predictable outcomes that contribute strategically to company goals.

• Enriching the lives of our employees and customers.

• Partnering with management to consciously design the culture that will ensure AMRG and its sister companies complete their mission and achieve their vision.

To find out more about a possible career at AMRG and its sister companies, click HERE .

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