Sep 22 2017

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Composition Roofing

Composition roofing is the most popular choice. It is available in a huge variety of styles and colors to match your home. Modern composite roofs come with long (30 Lifetime or 50 Lifetime) warranties and a Class “A” fire rating. An excellent value. Your roof is probably the most critical system protecting your home from the elements.

Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing offers a very stylish appearance that’s a perfect complement to many homes. In addition, it is an extremely hearty roofing material, with a long (40-50 year) life expectancy. Your roof is probably the most critical system protecting your home from the elements.

Solar Panel

Thinking about installing solar panels on your San Diego home? We are lucky to live in one of the most abundant areas of the world for sunshine. the Earth’s “natural” energy source. With the recent soaring cost of energy, taking a look at putting energy efficient and “green” solar panels in your San Diego is a smart decision.

You can feel confident that you have chosen the “top” experts in roofing with San Diego Custom Roofing. Because it’s a family business, all of our expert personnel take enormous pride in our work.

Here at San Diego Custom Roofing, we make it a point to know which roofing product is right for your home. We understand how important your home roof is to you. That is why our San Diego professional roofing consultants, come right to your home, to give you an estimate on your roof, and also to educate you on how roofing wears down over the years and how to prevent damages from happening in the future. Remember your home is your investment. So let us help you to protect that investment.

We offer a variety of roofing products, styles and colors for you to choose. We also will assist you in determining which roofing product is right for your budget. Let one of our trained professionals give you an estimate for re-roofing your San Diego home at no cost to you. We will help you make the best decision that is right for you.

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