Sep 13 2017

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Online Executive MBA

Earning an online executive MBA can help motivated professionals find work and succeed in business. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these careers pay a median yearly salary of $103,000. Designed for working professionals seeking career advancement, an online MBA with an executive concentration builds on your undergraduate education and career experience. The MBA curriculum will help you develop strong leadership, strategy, and management skills.

Capella University

Minneapolis, MN & Online

Capella University offers more than 10 specialized MBA programs focusing on in-demand skills with learning geared toward working professionals looking to quickly advance their careers.

Maryville University

St. Louis, MO & Online

Earn a fully accredited, online MBA from Maryville University. Eight concentrations of study are available, and students may complete their required courses in as little as one year.

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ & Online

Earn your degree 100% online at Arizona State- a top 5 Online MBA Programs by U.S. News & World Report. 90% of MBA ASU graduates get job offers within 90 days.

Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD & Online

Earn your MBA from one of the nation’s top business schools on your schedule. Johns Hopkins flexible, online MBA program will help you prepare for career changes and leadership roles.

Designed for working professionals seeking career advancement, an online MBA with an executive concentration builds on your undergraduate education and career experience.

Why Should You Get an Online Executive MBA?

In addition to developing your leadership skills and abilities, business professionals who pursue an executive master s degree online earn more than twice as much as professionals with bachelor s degrees. The increased salary becomes even more pronounced as you progress in your career.

The table below highlights three different master s programs in business. While each degree has its own value and will prepare professionals for future leadership roles, the specific curriculum, degree requirements, and salary outcomes differ between programs.

Online Executive MBA Curriculum

By earning an executive MBA online, students will develop and hone their skills in leadership, economics, data analysis, decision making, and strategy. While the curriculum varies by school, you ll find the following classes in most programs.

What Can You Do With an Online Executive MBA?

Earning an online executive master s opens doors to many potential careers, including jobs as CEO, COO, or executive director of professional organizations or businesses. The table below includes information relevant to each position.

  • Office Headquarters
  • Large Corporation
  • Small Business
  • Large Corporation
  • Small Business
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Corporate Office
  • Small Business
  • Non-Profit Organization

Who Should Consider Getting an Online Executive MBA?

Have you worked in management?

Perhaps the most obvious question prospective students should consider before pursuing a master s degree in this field is whether or not you have worked in management. Most executive MBA online programs have admissions requirements, which limits enrollment to students who have completed a bachelor s degree in business or those who have demonstrated their leadership capability through a considerable amount of professional experience in a business management role. If you have no experience in a management position, a master s degree may not be the best fit for you.

Can you list the top three reasons you want an Executive MBA?

Earning a master s degree is not easy. Before committing time and money to a graduate program, take a moment to consider your main sources of motivation. Are you eager to advance your career because you are passionate about your work, or do you feel drawn to the potential of a six-figure salary? Pursuing higher education is a personal decision, and no reason is necessarily right or wrong. You should, however, carefully consider your academic and professional objectives and know how a graduate degree will help enhance your career.

Did you take management or business-related courses during your bachelor s degree?

Earning a bachelor s degree in business means completing a wide variety of courses. Specific courses vary depending on the type of business degree; business schools offer degrees in areas such as accounting, advertising, and human resources, along with general business degrees. Most of the curriculum of a master s degree is based on the foundational knowledge you gained as an undergraduate. Before applying to an executive MBA program, determine how many relevant management or business courses you took during your bachelor s program, and evaluate your level of preparation.

Where are you in your current career?

Consider the knowledge and skills you have learned or strengthened throughout your career. For more recent college graduates, spending time working before enrolling in a master s program can provide valuable real-world experiences. Those at more advanced stages in their career may have already excelled in upper-management roles, and earning a graduate degree may not be necessary to successfully pursue executive positions.

Can you afford a graduate program?

Finally, the question of finances is basic, yet invaluable to your decision. Although online degrees are typically less expensive than traditional on-campus degrees, earning a master s degree can cost $50,000 or more. The good news is that many financial aid options are available to students, including scholarships, subsidized loans, employer assistance programs, and reduced-tuition partnership programs. Prospective graduate students should consider their financial situations carefully before committing to a master s program.

Ultimately, deciding to pursue an executive master s degree online is an important decision that merits a great deal of consideration, especially if the questions listed above leave you feeling uncertain about any aspect. Take your time in determining the best course of action for your life and career. Prospective students can always reach out to schools advising and admissions offices for more information and assistance before applying or accepting official enrollment.

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