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Aso was foreign minister from October 2005 till August 2007 in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who was blamed for aggravating Japan’s relations with China through his repeated visits to Yasukuni Shrine, which China sees as a symbol of Japan’s militarist past.

Aso said the LDP would take steps to “expand the size of the economy first to realise a recovery.

This paper adopts the latter perspective and critically examines the persistence of aso ebi practice as a cultural tradition that has endured despite modernization, among the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria.

The idea of a hotline was advanced by Aso. citing the need to build a relationship of trust during his talks with Hu and Wen.

After tumultuous months since taking office last September, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso finally dissolved the lower house Tuesday for a general election on Aug.

The planned visit to Seoul by Aso. who is close to LDP President Shinzo Abe, is believed to be aimed at demonstrating the opposition party’s diplomatic skills before the upcoming general election.

In his speech, Aso described the stabilization of Iraq as ”one of the most urgent issues confronting the international community,” and stressed that it is ”important for countries such as Iran and Syria to play a constructive role for the stabilization of the region and make efforts to this end.

Pundits said the abortive attempt by LDP forces opposed to Aso was only a reflection of lawmakers’ desire to survive what is anticipated to be a tough battle to retain their Diet seats.

In the so-called ”two-plus-two” top security talks next Tuesday, Aso and Kyuma will be joined by their U.

The origin of the regulatory issues date back to 2002 when the USAO began an investigation into the custody accounts of two ASO clients who, in 2003, pled guilty to a fraudulent promissory note scheme.

Japan’s opposition parties passed a nonbinding censure motion against Prime Minister Taro Aso at the House of Councillors on Tuesday, setting the stage for an election showdown even before Aso ‘s planned Diet dissolution next week for an Aug.

Foreign Minister Taro Aso is in the final phase of arrangements to visit South Korea and India from later this month through early next month, Japanese government sources said Monday.

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