Aug 31 2017

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    • Enterprise-class S2 access control systems integrate credential-based access control, intrusion detection and video applications for a unified management and administration experience. 100% web based, the systems require no software or client license fees.

      S2 NetBox VR products combine the power of the S2 NetBox security system management software with the S2 NetVR video management system in a seamlessly integrated solution that delivers unified system management and administration.

      S2 video management systems offer advanced video forensics and tight integration with S2 access control products. Unmatched integration between video and access events gives users immediate access to video related to events of interest.

      S2 mobile security management products allow field security officers and other authorized users to operate and manage their S2 system from anywhere, dramatically improving their productivity, decision making, and response time.

      100% web based, S2 solutions require no software installation or client license fees. Flexible system architecture allows for a range of applications from single sites to globally distributed physical security management systems.

      S2 solutions have fully distributed, centrally controlled IP network architecture and integrate a variety of security management functions and devices. Users can upgrade their legacy access control and video systems to S2 solutions with minimal investment.

      S2 products are the access control and video management systems of choice for Fortune 500, education, health care, manufacturing and government customers around the world. Learn more about some of the representative markets we serve.

      With the S2 NetBox, our campus is definitely more secure, and I am a much more effective safety manager. Hobart Food Equipment Group

      S2 Security offers S2 Professional Services to meet complex customer requirements throughout the design, deployment, maintenance and growth of integrated security management systems.

      S2 Support Central is where S2 Certified Integrators can access product documentation, technical notes, software downloads, and utilities to assist in set up and installation of S2 access control and video management systems.

      The S2 Security Technical Certification Program equips systems integrator technicians and end users covered by S2 Black Support to install, configure and support S2 Security products. Successful graduates of the program are awarded one year of S2 Certification.

      Specifications, technical drawings, product documentation, and more are available to consultants who specify S2 access control and video management systems.

      S2 Security manufactures open platform products that allow for third party integration. Software developers who would like to integrate other products with S2 security management systems have access to APIs, drivers and integration guides.

      Founded in 2002, S2 Security is an independent manufacturer of IP-based security management systems and video management systems.

      Passionate about making a difference in the security industry, the S2 leadership team has extensive expertise in security, IT, software development, and manufacturing.

      Learn more about our latest news and upcoming industry events. S2 Security exhibits at trade shows and conferences worldwide.

      S2 case studies highlight how customers in diverse industries have benefited from S2 access control, video management and mobile solutions.

      S2 solutions are the physical security management systems of choice for Fortune 500, education, healthcare, manufacturing and government customers worldwide.

      Working at S2 Security provides an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a team that is committed to innovation and fanatical about customer service.

      Contact us today to learn more about S2 solutions.

      S2 Access Control

      S2 access control systems deliver a unified management and administration experience using only your web browser.

      Building a complete, integrated security system is easy with S2 solutions. Learn more about how our solutions can meet your needs.

      S2 video management systems support installations ranging from individual sites to large, distributed enterprise systems.

      S2 News

      Release enhancements include third-party video management system integration, audio support and advanced Internet widgets

      Campus Safety Magazine sits down with CEO John L. Moss to discuss topics ranging from access control solutions in campus settings to broader industry trends and the cloud.

      Security Sales Integration magazine covers a Lunch Learn session with CEO John L. Moss, “The Future of Access Control” hosted by systems integrator CGL Electronic Security.

      S2 Events

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