Aug 31 2017

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Stuck at home with no power with newborn because I was given wrong information

I was told that if I deposit a check through the mobile app that at least the $100 would be available same day as the same when you deposit through the ATM so I deposited the check through the mobile app on a Saturday at 10 a.m. I called the bank to see why the $100 was not available it turns out this was the wrong information it does not clear until the next day so I go borrow money for my grandad that is disabled and I told him I would pay it back the next day so the next day are power gets cut off because we on prepaid so I go to pay the power bill online and it declined my card so I called the bank once again to see why I have no money on my card again I was given the wrong information it does not clear until the next business day I explained that I m at the house with a newborn that is a month old with no power and no way to pay back the money I borrowed and the representative tells me there s nothing that she can do for me so ask to speak to the supervisor she tells me that one is not available that she would have me call back to speak with one or she will have one call me in 1 to 2 business days which does nothing for my current situation they care no more about their customers than this I will be changing Banks

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