Aug 10 2017

NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring #netapp #performance #monitoring #tools


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NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring

Storage I/O hotspot detection

Storage I/O hotspot detection

Storage Resource Monitor allows you to monitor the health of your NetApp storage at filers, RAID groups and volume levels. Keep a close eye on key storage performance metrics including IOPS, throughput, and latency. Synthesize past outage details using historical data and identify potential hotspots. In addition, take advantage of custom reports and instant alerts to spot performance bottlenecks before they could impact applications.

Accurately predict your storage capacity

Accurately predict your storage capacity

Collect storage consumption data, track historical consumption patterns, and predict when your storage will be depleted. Receive instant NetApp storage capacity management and planning metrics, including over-provisioned volumes, used/usable/raw capacity, thin and thick provisioning statistics, etc. Proactive capacity planning helps avoid potential outages, and saves you from spending resources on unwanted storage assets.

Performance alerting and thresholds

Performance alerting and thresholds

Get meaningful insights through well-structured and detailed storage reports. Instant alerts will help you take immediate actions to eliminate potential storage outages and avoid unplanned downtime. Also create out-of-the-box reports such as enterprise capacity summary, RAID/storage pool group utilization, thin provisioning, free LUNS, asset information and more. Finally, receive critical storage reports anywhere, anytime via email.

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