Aug 5 2017

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On the basis of recent experience, a significant portion of homes in Port St Lucie FL will suffer a severe termite infestation. To make matters worse your home insurance policy does NOT cover the damage which may involve costly replacement of floor, wall and roofing timbers. Fortunately, several excellent termite control products are available – Premise and Termidor which can offer 100% termite protection in the majority of situations.

Premise and Termidor are used for soil treatment at the base of a building to prevent entry of subterranean termites into the building and by a delayed transfer effect can eliminate termites in other areas inside and surrounding the building.

Premise – first and foremost has been used by the USA termite control market-place for many years with excellent results in protecting buildings and other timber structures.

Premise and Termidor work differently from other soil termite control treatment products. Most other such termiticides are repellents, which means they keep termites away from a treated soil area. This means any gap in the treated soil zone can be easily detected by the termites, to enable their unrestricted entry into the building.

With Premise and Termidor. the termites cannot detect the chemical in the treated soil as it has no odor, taste or smell to the termites. They are not aware of the lethal effect of the chemical until it’s too late. Both BASF Termidor and Bayer Premise claim their products kill termites that travel through a treated soil area abutting the building, where higher concentration levels are encountered. In addition, termites exposed to the chemical in lower concentrations can transfer it onto other termites – the so called Transfer or Domino Effect. This is a very important aspect aimed at wiping out the entire colony – the ultimate form of long-term protection. Both products seem to provide more than 5 years reliable protection if applied correctly to label requirements and industry standards.

Premise is owned and supplied by Bayer and is used extensively throughout the USA. Bayer claims that Premise has a transfer or Domino Effect aimed at wide-spread termite elimination in areas surrounding the building. For an excellent research paper on the Premise transfer effect from Bayer Research – CLICK HERE. CONSUMER NOTE: For the homeowner with active termites in their property, we recommend you arrange for a Termite Inspection and Report, including written specifications for a complete soil treatment (where practicable) using Premise or Termidor .

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