Jul 31 2017

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ECE’s new Innovation Suite iSuite was unveiled on Saturday, May 21, as part of the department’s 125th anniversary celebration. It fosters innovation and collaboration, housing a Cyber Range and providing a hands-on facility that will prepare students for cybersecurity-related careers.

Sparking Innovation for 125 years

Electrical and Computer Engineering has a weekend of celebration to mark its 125th anniversary

Promoting State Attraction

GeoSwap announced a new partnership with the Delaware Tourism Office and Delaware State Parks on Tuesday, May 9, at UD’s Venture Development Center.

Princeton Hack-a-thon Awardees

A student team with ECE students Mark Seda and Aric Lu was awarded recognition at the Princeton Hack-a-thon in April for their system Olli Recalli, which alerts passengers of items inadvertently left behind in shuttle buses.

Building Security with Resilience

This coming September, researchers, industry leaders and government officials will gather in Wilmington for the 10th annual IEEE Resilience Week, sponsored by the U.S. DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory and the UD Cybersecurity Initiative, to present promising research and technology for building resilience into control systems, the energy grid and other critical infrastructures.

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